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Than Any One Of Us

Hi! I am Bharatkumar Bhagat, Founder and promoter of FAROL Consulting. I started my career in 1987 and associated with leading corporations like Crompton, Kirloskar, Aditya Birla, Lexus, Sekisui and other medium & large enterprises. Having vast experience of more than 34 years I am being CERTIFIED MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS (CMC), from INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF CONSULTING MANAGEMENT INSTITUTES – GENEVA. Having experience not only in vertical segments of different industries like Consumer Durables, Engineering, Cold Insulation, Industrial Consumables, Civil, Packagings etc. but also in horizontal functions like Procurement, HR, Sales and Marketing, System Audit, Lien Management, Production Planning, Health etc. Ultimately aiming to make a professional company and truly brand leader in the market through system oriented organisation.

We live in unprecedented times – yet there are fundamental concepts we can rely on for making progress as a human race.

Principle #1: All change happens through organizations. Organizations are the vehicle for transforming resources and talent into policies, products, and services.

Principle #2: Organizations need team intelligence. Solving problems well under a wide variety of circumstances is the “secret sauce” for success in today’s world.

Principle #3: Team intelligence can be learned. By fostering the right behaviors, your people will get smarter about the work they do.

My life’s work is all about equipping private sector and public sector organizations with team intelligence so that together we deliver the right things, in the right way, and at the right speed to make the world work for 100% of humanity.

I look forward to working with you.

Bharatkumar Bhagat

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I am looking forward to your challenges and a first meeting. Book your initial consultation with me here.I am looking forward to your challenges and a first meeting. Book your initial consultation with me here.

My Experience

It was a turning point of my life. One of the Marketing Executive who was an Electrical Engineer with KIRLOSKAR left the job in 1990 ,and I was given temporary charge of his portfolio of Marketing. I started enjoying a Marketing job and gave an outstanding performance and charged all my customers, OEMs, dealers and built up a strong rapport with them. Though I was a commerce graduate, looking at my performance, KIRLOSKAR decided to promote me as Marketing Executive and I contributed my services with KIRLOSKAR upto 1995 and achieved many more milestones in new business development. AN IMPORTANT THING I LEARNED THAT, NEITHER EDUCATION, NOR MONEY, NOR GOOD PERSONALITY, NOR SKILL IS IMPORTANT BUT IT’S OUR CORE INTEREST AND PASSION WHICH LEADS OUR LIFE TOWARDS SUCCESS AND MAKES OUR LIFE BLISSFUL.

On October 1995, I got a good chance to work with Kolkata based Aditya Birla Group (HGI Industries Ltd) and was appointed as Branch Manager at Ahmedabad. With the experience of Aditya Birla Group I learned that, A Marketing person should learn by heart that it’s our attitude which makes market and product good or bad. Based on my above experience of 13 years, I decided to start my own Marketing Consultancy company named PYLON MARKETING during January 2001. We worked with clients from various industries like Furniture (USHA LEXUS), HVAC (MICROTON), Fiber Glass Industries (SINTEX, SUMIP, ERCON), Air Conditioning (JOHONSON HITACHI , Blue Star), Printing Machines (HEIDELBERG), Steel Plant (JINDAL), Mining (ASHAPURA MINECHEM), Ceramic (BLUECERA, DURAVIT), Home Appliances (NAVDEEP), and many more for various consultancy assignment like Marketing, HR, Market Survey, Reverse Engineering, Outsourcing, Export Packaging, Administration, Marketing Skill Training, etc. During 2013-14, 2014-15, we five directors professionals from various expertise formed Gujarat Institute of Competitiveness. The Institute was a membership based concern that focuses upon enhancing Competitiveness of five major constituents of the State of Gujarat viz. Industry, Academia, Non-Profits, Government and Professionals. I consider Yoga as science, during 2015-16, 2016-17, I got MSc. Yoga Science, Master degree from Gandhian Institute, Gujarat vidyapith and also served there as faculty for Yoga Subject.