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We at farol provide complete business management consulting to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency.

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Sales & Marketing Consulting

We help you achieve sustainable, organic growth by putting your customers at the center of your company’s strategy.

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Corporate Training

For organizations, learning & development play a crucial role in charting a career graph of employees.

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Startup Consulting

Don’t worry If you have left the job & want to do Business. We provide guidance and support to all types of start-ups.

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Independent Business Unit

We at FAROL Consulting, help clients in utilizing the idle strength in the best way to get profit in the existing business.

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  • Sales & Marketing
  • Due Diligence

₹ 1,850 / Per Person

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Decades of Experience With Working
In a Small, Medium & Large Enterprises

It was during the 1990s when the Indian economy started growing marginally but still not in pace with other developed countries. Indian economic policies were not bad, considerably there was enough infrastructure but still Mr.Bhagat the founder of FAROL felt that there was a lot of scope of improvement in the management of small and medium scale units which contributes almost 68% of the indian GDP. Being such a huge share in GDP by SME, FAROL started focusing on the clients who were having good infrastructure, quality products, skill but still were suffering for the growth in the business. The core competence of FAROL is diagnosis of the problem and to give customized solutions. Not only solutions but also to look into whether execution is done as per planning.

We at FAROL have a dedicated team of experts for a given task may be Purchase, inventory, Lien Management, Sales and Marketing, Brand Promotion, HR and Training, startups management etc. We at FAROL try to gear up our client with the same or minimum additional infrastructure by establishing a smooth system which not only saves the time but also increases the productivity of the people .FAROL is always excited to promote small and new entrepreneurs and thus by creating self employment also. FAROL has worked with the clients from machineries, hand tools, export packaging, insulations, Foams, Adhesive Tapes, Furnitures, Advertisement agencies, Automobile batteries, pharmaceuticals, Civil products, and many more segments. Apart from management Consulting services, FAROL also creates IBUs (Independent Business Units) by associating with clients as good as partners and helps in sharpening skills of the clients.

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